Matthew W. Sagal

Matthew W. Sagal is a Senior Partner of the Alliance Management Group.  He has been a scientist and an R&D executive at Bell Laboratories, as well as a product management and manufacturing executive, and Vice President of Business Development for Lucent Microelectronics (now Agere Systems).   Dr. Sagal holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Cornell and a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from MIT.
As a scientist at Bell Laboratories, he contributed to advances in thin firm and semiconductor materials. His R&D and product management roles included senior responsibilities in telecommunication systems, electronic materials, polymer technology, recycling methods, environmental monitoring and control, and automated manufacturing.  As chief engineer of Lucent’s primary semiconductor plant in Pennsylvania, he managed the expansion of Lucent’s semiconductor manufacturing in the US, Europe, and Asia.
As a business development executive, he led the start-up of Lucent Microelectronics’ R&D, marketing, sales and manufacturing activities in Europe and Asia.  He played a central role in the formation of Lucent’s strategic alliances in those regions and in the U.S.   He led the planning for Lucent Microelectronics' marketing strategy and organization outside of the United States, developed the first Japanese customers while establishing the company's R&D, product design, marketing and sales office in Japan, and organized Lucent Microelectronics' first product design, marketing and sales offices in the European Union.
Dr. Sagal was the lead negotiator for Lucent’s product development and manufacturing joint venture with Telefônica in Spain.  He also planned and negotiated Lucent’s first integrated circuit R&D and marketing alliance in Europe.  He led acquisitions of manufacturing and design facilities in Singapore and Thailand, and negotiated R&D, manufacturing, and marketing agreements between U.S. firms and electronics companies based in Japan and Korea.   He was a lead member of Lucent’s first marketing team for its telecommunications equipment business in China.
Dr. Sagal's consulting clients include U.S. and foreign based firms in telecommunications, communications software, electronic components and systems, medical devices, scientific instruments, power tools, automotive parts, consumer products, energy, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.
Dr. Sagal leads seminars and workshops on strategic alliances at many industry and academic forums in the United States and abroad.  He has been an instructor in international business, global marketing, and strategic alliances at the Singapore Institute of Management, and is an instructor in acquisition integration at the Industrial Relations Center of the California Institute of Technology.  With Gene Slowinski, Dr. Sagal is the author of the book The Strongest Link: Forging a Profitable and Enduring Corporate Alliance.

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